Features of travel insurance

Different travel insurance policies may not be the same. These differences aside, you will likely find the same key coverage areas in most travel insurance policies. Check your travel insurance policy regularly to ensure you are aware of what coverage it offers and what it excludes. Also, shop around for the best level of protection for you.

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Coverage for medical expenses

Because of the high cost of treatment and repatriation in case of an injury or illness abroad, overseas medical coverage is perhaps the most important component of a travel insurance policy. This should usually include:

  • Hospital charges and ambulance fees are included in emergency medical treatment costs.
  • If you are unable to use your original ticket, you can return home after receiving medical treatment abroad.
  • Additional transport or accommodation costs for a friend or relative who is staying with you
  • If required, you can travel to the UK to have an escortee take you.
  • To provide support and advice on the appropriate treatment, we offer 24 hour assistance.
  • Your travel insurance will not provide details about your medical history.

Medical costs can be caused by dangerous or illegal activities, excessive alcohol consumption, and/or the misuse of alcohol. This includes mixing alcohol with medication.

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Cancelling your holiday or cutting it short

If you have to cancel or reduce your holiday, travel insurance can help cover the costs. You may need to cancel your holiday or reduce your travel time if you become ill. You may not be covered by your insurance for cancelling your holiday or cutting it short in certain circumstances. Check your policy.

Talk to your airline, travel agent or tour operator about possible rescheduling options before you cancel your holiday.

You are aware of a reason you may need to cancel your holiday (such the ill health or death of a family member) but you have not checked your insurance coverage.

You are concerned about safety in a particular region and want to cancel your holiday. However, there is no official advice to avoid traveling to this region.

Travel delays and disruptions

If you are unable to make your travel arrangements or have to cancel or miss your flight, travel insurance may be able to help. You can get replacement transport or costs while you wait for your delayed departure at an airport port, railway station, train station, or bus stop.

Before you file for insurance, it is a good idea that you check with your travel agent, airline or tour operator. You may be eligible for compensation if your flight is delayed or cancelled while you’re traveling within the European Union (EU).

The delay is very short. Your delay is relatively short. Many policies do not cover delays less than a certain length of time. Check your policy.

You can sleep in, or get stuck in traffic. Most travel insurance policies won’t cover situations that are not within your control. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

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Baggage and belongings

Travel insurance covers you for personal belongings and lost baggage, as well as the cost of replacing a passport. You should also check if your gadget insurance and your home contents insurance provide coverage for items you take abroad.

Different types of belongings are covered by different travel insurance policies. You will typically be limited to a certain amount for each item, and a maximum total amount for valuables. Always check your policy.

You may need to show receipts or other evidence of ownership if you have to file a claim. A police report may be required by an insurer.

You don’t take steps to secure your belongings and keep them out of reach. Keep your money safe and away from prying eyes.

Checked in baggage can be lost if you have valuables. If the airline prohibits it, you should always keep valuables such as laptops, phones, and gadgets on your person or in hand luggage.

Personal liability and legal costs

If you cause injury or property damage to another person, travel insurance may provide coverage. If you are injured in an accident, you can seek damages or compensation. This is especially important for countries that do not have a legal aid system.

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Before speaking to your insurance company, you must admit to liability or offer to pay.

These events were caused by dangerous or illegal activities, excessive alcohol consumption, and/or alcohol misuse. This includes mixing alcohol with medication.