Insurance for businesses

Business insurance can protect your business and help you avoid unexpected expenses, no matter if you work for a small company, a multinational corporation, or are an individual.

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Why do I need to have business insurance?

Independent professionals and business owners can be protected against common risks such as stock damage or mistakes and legal costs. This is known as liability insurance. Some policies even cover supply chain disruption and business interruption.

You can be confident that your business and employees will be protected in the event of an unexpected setback. Your insurer can assist you in getting your business back on track quickly.

Your business can be made more credible by having business insurance. This will show potential customers and employees that you are reliable to do business with.

What kind of business insurance do you need?

Employers are legally required to purchase employers’ liability insurance in order to pay for the costs of compensating employees who are hurt or become ill at work.

If your business uses motor vehicles, you must have commercial motor insurance

Certain professions require professional indemnity insurance from their professional bodies and regulators

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Optional business insurance options include:

  • Commercial property insurance covers the costs of rebuilding or repairing your business premises or replacing stock or equipment.
  • Liability insurance covers you and your business against claims of negligence or fault by customers, shareholders, investors or members of public.
  • Cyber insurance covers you for damages to or loss of information from IT networks and systems.

There are many types of liability insurance:

  • Public liability
  • Product liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability

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What type of business insurance do I need to work remotely?

Although it is not necessary to have business insurance for those who work remotely, there are other types of insurance you might consider.

You should consider your home insurance if you work remotely. While working from home does not necessarily require you to have additional coverage, it is important to ensure that your insurance company understands your unique situation.

You should have insurance in place to protect expensive or stock items stored at home. Professional indemnity insurance might be a good option if you provide online services or manage client data. Public liability insurance provides protection for clients who visit your house to meet with you.

You will need commercial property insurance if your business is not a home-based one.

What if I wanted to start my own business?

A package of business insurance usually includes a variety of policies that are all sold under the same premium.

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There are many factors that will affect the type of policy you need and the price of your premium.

  • The nature of your business
  • Its annual turnover
  • The number of people that you employ