What is the Average Lifespan of “Travel Toothpaste”?

You don’t need as much toothpaste to brush your teeth as you might think. How often you brush your teeth and how much travel toothpaste you use can make a big difference in the length of a travel-sized toothpaste’s life expectancy. Here are some calculations to help you figure out how small toothpastes will perform.

Travel Toothpaste Tube Size

The size of toothpaste will vary. For example, Colgate(r), Optic White(r), Toothpaste comes in a small travel size of 3.4 ounces. This makes it easy to take with you on your travels. It is small and easy to pack. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), baggage allowance, even allows you to keep it in your carry on when you fly.

How Much to Use?

Based on travel toothpaste ads on TV, you might think that you need a lot. The American Dental Association (ADA), Mouth Healthy site recommends that you use a “pea-sized amount” for effective cleaning. According to Dr. AlenaSpielberg, this would be approximately 1 cubic centimeter (0.06 cubic inches) per brushing if we assume that we are talking about a fully grown pea.

How Often Do You Brush?

Adults should brush twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. The ADA recommends using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You might need to brush more frequently depending on your oral health issues, such as ongoing orthodontic treatment.

Number of Brushings

One US ounce is equivalent to 1.8 cubic inches. This means that you can get three brushings out of every ounce. A tube containing 3.4 ounces of toothpaste can be expected to provide 9-10 brushings. It’s easy to estimate how long the travel toothpaste will last depending on how often you brush your teeth each day.

Additional Dental Care Travel Toothpaste OptionsĀ 

When you travel, brushing is not the only option for dental care. Daily flossing helps prevent plaque buildup. Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield, which comes in 2-ounce bottles, kills germs instantly and works for as long as 12 hours. To maintain your dental hygiene, you don’t have to rely on travel toothpaste.

Consider your needs when choosing a travel size travel toothpaste. There are many toothpastes to choose from. It shouldn’t take too long to find the right one for you. You can also calculate the number of tubes you will need based upon the length of your trip. Enjoy your travels!