Best “War Hammer” Build

This guide will help you find the Best War Hammer Build in New World. This guide will tell you everything about the Best War Hammer Build, including Passive and Active Skills, Attributes and best Perks, the best weapons for the Class, as well as the best Weapons.

What is the War Hammer?

The War Hammer in New World is a two-handed tank weapon. It’s great for crowd control and inflicting severe damage on all enemies that cross its path.

The large number of knockback moves makes it ideal for PvE as well as PvP, especially when used in groups. You can almost be unstoppable when you pair it with another sub-weapon that deals heavy damage.

  • Attributes

The War Hammer can be used with Strength, unlike other weapons. This is where you should put your most important points. This is where you need to put your most important points.

Your maximum HP will be increased by Constitution, but only if you have the time. This should not be your primary Attribute. Otherwise, you will take a huge hit on attack.

  • War Hammer Weapon Mastery

There are two War Hammer Weapon Mastery Trees, Juggernaut or Crowd Crusher. Juggernaut is about dealing damage and penetrating armour, making even the most shielded foes easy. Crowd Crusher is a crowd control tool that makes it easy to take down multiple enemies at once. This is particularly useful for groups.

  • Recommendations for Juggernaut Active Skills Tree

There are three active skills in the Juggernaut tree, each with its own upgrade, and six passives. Perforation and breaking armor are important skills if you wish to master the War Hammer. So it is crucial that you choose the best abilities.

Here are the top options for the War Hammer Juggernaut Tree 


Armor Breaker: A swing that penetrates 35% to 15% of the target’s armor, dealing 140% weapon damage

  • Indomitable – Adds Grit to make the attack unstoppable
  • Lasting Trauma – Armor Breaker grants target Rend, reducing damage absorbtion by 15% for 10s
  • Wrecking ball – strikes the ground around a target, dealing 120% damage to weaponry and flattening enemies
  • Safety Measures – On a hit, the player receives Fortify. This grants 20% damage resistance for 4s.
  • Breathing room – All targets within 1.5m of the target hit are Flattened


Epitome of Bonk Increase Armor Penetration by 10% on all standard attacks

Exhaustive Attacks: All War Hammer abilities are applicable Exhaust, slowing down target’s stamina recovery by 15% for 5s

  • Hammer Time – Gain Empower when you use a Heavy Attack to increase damage by 20% for 4s
  • Hardened Steel – Adds Grit to Heavy Attacks and grants 20% damage reduction, while Grit remains active
  • Power Through Pain – Deal 35% more damage to 1 after taking damage

Recommendations for Crowd Crusher Active Skills Tree

There are three active skills in the Crowd Crusher Tree. Each skill has its own upgrade and nine passives. It is meant to be used in conjunction with Juggernaut’s Active Skills, rather than as a standalone Tree. This will improve your crowd control and add buffs.

Here are the top options for the War Hammer Crowd Control Tree.

  • Abilities:

Shockwave – slams into the ground, causing an AoE earthquake of 3m radius that causes 80% weapon damage. Applies Stun to all targets impacted for 2s

  • Frailty – Causes Weaken, which reduces target’s attack damage by 10%.
  • Meteoric Crater expands Shockwave’s range to 4m

The Best Weapons to Accompany

The War Hammer’s recommended build works best when used with a weapon of the same type as War Hammer or a DPS weapon. This build should deal as much damage possible. You can choose to use the Ice Gauntlet or Fire Staff to make it less efficient.

The Great Axe, which has excellent crowd control and uses Strength Attribute points, is a great choice. It can be used in conjunction with War Hammer to make enemies immobile and ineffective in fighting you. However, you will be using two heavy, two-handed weapons which slows you down.

The Hatchet is another great choice. It not only has the Feral Rush ability, which rushes enemies to attack quickly and knock them down, but also self-healing. Both weapons can regenerate HP so you won’t need food or Potions. It can also scale with Strength.

The Best War Hammer Perks

If you have the Special Resource to craft weapons, you can either apply a specific Perk or use a Charm. Only one active Perk can be at a given time.

The Horseman’s Pick is often associated with War Hammers. These were military weapons that were often used in the same way Flails and Maces were. The War Hammer was created in the late 13th/14th Centuries and looked just like it is today. The War Hammer was slightly larger than the standard claw hammer but could be attached to a wooden or metal handle. The lengths of the War Hammer varied depending on the user’s needs. However, some examples have been shown.

They can be seen up to 4 feet long. The War Hammer was often cast in iron. A bunted spike with a curving shape was attached to the opposing end. The War Hammer was a striking weapon from medieval times. Its main purpose was to inflict blunt force trauma and crushing injuries. This was what the War Hammer was able to do. The spike end was able to penetrate armor but became stuck in the armor. It’s cousin, the Horseman, was mentioned previously.

Pick was very similar in design, with only one difference. The head of the hammerpick was mounted on a long polearm (6-8).

feet being ideal). The idea was to grab the knights’ armor and pull them down. The Pick was obviously admired for the amount of time it took to mount an armored knight on his horse.