Mastro’s founders run this bi-level steak 48 in River North that serves premium meats and high-end American cuisine in a glass-walled kitchen. A sprawling, neutral-hued Steak48 space is divided by multiple seating areas. There are two bars, two fireplaces, and a seasonal patio.


Steak 48 offers the best steaks and top-quality seafood in a relaxed and lively setting. We offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy every taste, including USDA prime steaks, delicious seafood, and shellfish, along with creative and classically-inspired side dishes and appetizers.

Our in-house butcher shop is kept at 40 degrees. Our 1800-degree broiler is used to cook 28-day-old, wet-aged steaks that are custom-cut by master butchers. Our beef is mainly from Midwestern farms in Michigan, Wisconsin and premium Wagyu beef from the Mishima Reserve.

In our glass-enclosed, open kitchen, you can see our raw bar. On ice, you can get fresh East and West Coast oysters, Maine lobster, Alaskan King crab, and quality colossal shrimp. A wide variety of side dishes are also available, including Alaskan King Crab and Rock Shrimp Mac & cheese, Asparagus Fries, and our signature potatoes.

Enjoy a cocktail handcrafted from local ingredients, or from our impressive scotch selection or 3,000-bottle wine vault.

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We are both huge foodies, and this was the best meal we have ever had. The best bread in the world, amazing service, great ambience, creative dishes and delicious food. It’s totally worth it.

This place is the best steakhouse I’ve ever eaten at. This place was a wonderful experience. My wife and I celebrated our anniversary here.

My favorite steakhouse in Houston. The food was amazing and the service was excellent. You are treated like a guest by them and they will take good care of you. We can’t wait for our next visit.


Jeffrey and Michael Mastro, restaurateurs opened Steak 48 in Houston in June 2016. It is a new steakhouse that guests love. Their goal was to create a modern American steakhouse that serves prime-grade steaks and fresh seafood to help River Oaks restaurants grow.

We are Houston’s top steakhouse, and our menu is just one of many reasons why we are so popular! Steak 48 is a upscale steakhouse that focuses on fine dining and exceptional service.

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We can customize your dining experience to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a special occasion or a casual dinner with friends. Our restaurant offers a variety of dining options and nooks that offer a unique experience.

Enjoy something new in the Chef’s Dining Room! This area seats 14 people and offers a unique view of our kitchen. Private dining rooms are also available for events and parties. Private dining rooms are available for corporate events and business meetings.

Steak 48 is the best River Oaks restaurant for fine dining. We guarantee that you will be delighted with our exceptional service and the perfect atmosphere. Houston’s classic American steakhouse menu includes the finest steaks, as well as a huge wine and whiskey list. Visit our FAQ page for helpful information on parking and gift cards.


We are thrilled to be part of Houston’s continued growth and development. We will be embracing the opportunity to get to know our neighbors, and inviting the community to enjoy Steak 48. Oliver Badgio, Sr. Vice President Prime Steak Concepts

The Mastro brothers’ first venture into the restaurant business was River Oaks Steakhouse. Steak 48 was inspired by the Steak 44 in Phoenix. Steak 48, which is actually their Phoenix location, was inspired by their roots. It pays tribute to Arizona’s 48th entry into Union. They have also operated other successful restaurants, including Mastro’s Steakhouse, Mastro’s Ocean Club, and they were sold in 2007.

Prime Steak Concepts, the Mastro owners, has given Steak 48’s culinary operations to Executive Chef Jeff Taylor. Chef Taylor has almost 20 years experience in the culinary world and has been working in Texas since 2000. Steak 48 is Chef Taylor’s partner. They strive to provide the finest steaks in Houston, and add a regional flair to the menu.

Before any ingredient is allowed to Steak 48, it must meet Chef Taylor’s strict standards. Responsible farms are where we source our prime beef. Our restaurant serves steaks that have been wet aged 28 days and then are hand-cut by our master butcher.

Every steak is hand-cut in our restaurant, and then delivered to the kitchen. Houston’s only butcher shop allows us to cut steaks exactly as you order.

We also take great care in choosing where our seafood and fish comes from. We only trust sustainable sources. Innovative side dishes are served alongside our prime-grade steaks and seafood entrees. The raw bar features fresh oysters from both the coasts, Alaskan King crab, and Maine lobster.

Side dishes include American classics as well as our innovative creations. The Corn Creme Brulee and Double Baked Truffle Potato are popular sides. To whet your appetite, we also offer delicious appetizers such as Fried Deviled Eggs or Fresh Burrata. Our decadent dessert menu will tempt you after the main course.