Nekopara: (Anime)


Kashou Minaduki Nekopara is the son of long-standing Japanese confectioners. He opened his own patisserie, “La Soleil ”. Kashou discovered two catgirls his family had raised in boxes when he was unpacking his stuff: Vanilla and Chocola. They begged until he finally gave in. They now run La Soleil together.

They had a great time with Shigure, the sister of Kashou and other catgirls from their family: Azuki (Maple, Cinnamon, Coconut) and Shigure (Cinnamon).

  • Chocola meets a kitten one day while out running errands.
  • Their encounter begins the story.

Nekopara Development

  • On Twitter, NEKO Works announced that a television anime of Nekopara was in the works for December 28th 2018.
  • The anime creator Sayori and Yamamoto Yasutaka, anime director, presented the first episode at Anime Expo 2019. 
  • The series premiered in Tokyo MX, BS11 and AT-X in Japan on January 9, 2020, as well as on Funimation for US, CA or UK audiences.

Home Video Nekopara 

Avex Pictures announced three Blu-Ray box sets of the anime that were being released by Avex Pictures on the same day as the anime premiered in Japan.

Volume 1 was released on March 29, 2020 and includes episodes 1-4. Volume 2 was released on May 29, 2020 and contains episodes 5-8. Volume 3, which contains episodes 9-12, was released on July 31, 2020.

Unofficial DVDs of the anime were also released in Malaysia at an unknown date.

Funimation confirmed that the entire series would be available on Blu-Ray at an unknown date. On May 18, 2021, the official release of this Blu-Ray was made in Nekopara. The episodes 1-8 are on Disc 1. Episodes 9-12 are on Disc 2.

Synopsis Nekopara 

Shigure Minazuki and Kashou, the siblings, enjoy six cats. Chocola and Vanilla help Kashou as a baker at La Soleil while Maple, Cinnamon and Coconut accompany Shigure back home in their daily lives.

Chocola is out on an afternoon errand and notices a small, green-haired kitten walking alone at a park. She decides to take her back to the patisserie. Soon, the Minazuki household adopts Cacao and names her Cacao. The Minazuki family adopts a new member to their family and lives their daily lives, bound to be more joyful than ever.

Neko Works hosted a panel today at Anime Expo, presenting the Nekopara anime series. We also got news about the games.

We have a trailer for the new mobile game Nekoparaiten. In collaboration with Azur Lane publisher Yostar, this trailer was created. The trailer’s beginning is the same as the original, but the trailer ends with the unveiling of several new catgirls.

Summary of the plot: Cats are not furry, four-footed creatures. They are human-like, cat-like, girl-like animals with ears, tails and cat-like behavior. They can be left alone if they have completed a training program and are wearing their bells. Two cats, Vanilla and Chocola, help a young man run his own patisserie. Maple and Cinnamon, two cats who live with Maple, come in every day and share a happy life together. Even though the cats may not always get along, and Azuki & Coconut certainly don’t, things are calm and peaceful until Chocola comes home with a stray kitten.

The game will be free to download on mobile devices. This means that many new characters can be expected. Here is a peek at some of them. It’s available at the bottom of this post.

We learn that Sayori started to write the Nekopara Vol. scenario. 5 despite the fact that the original plan was for four volumes. This new chapter will see a new catgirl, even though we don’t know when.

  • Vol. 4. We also get to see the official key artwork. It looks like it will be installed around Christmas.
  • Sayori has the intention of expanding the Nekopara franchise to include more games.
  • The Nekopara series is a popular visual novel series that debuted on PC, and was then expanded to PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

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