Ten Unexpected Factors that Could invalidate your Car Insurance

Ten Unexpected Factors that Could invalidate your Car Insurance

1 million motorists are not insured in Britain which is a large part to blame for the rising cost of insurance. It is possible that those who drive without insurance ought to be punished. Did you realize there are many other ways to be uninsured? There are reasons that would suggest that when you need to pay, your car insurance will not pay. Here are ten surprising ways in which you may be liable for invalidating your insurance on your vehicle.

1. You’ve changed the look of your Car Insurance

Your insurance for your vehicle could be invalid if you do not notify your insurer about the upgrade of your vehicle. This is not limited to simple things like increasing your vehicle’s engine’s size. It might also apply to basic things like installing alloy wheels.

2. It is possible to let your dog play in the car

The play of your dog in your car can cause distractions. If you are involved in an accident, then your dog will be at blame and you wouldn’t get any money from your insurer.

3. Arrears on your Instalment Car Insurance Plan

It is important to ensure that your car insurance instalments remain up-to-date. If you do not make an installment, your insurance will be taken away.

4. The MOT you have purchased is due to expire.

If you forgot to take your car in for an MOT, then it could mean you’re no longer covered. Vehicles that do not have a valid MOT can be considered to be insufficiently roadworthy by insurance firms. This is a violation of the rules of your vehicle.

5. Using your Car Insurance for business

It is important to read the fine print in any policies to find out what constitutes as business-related use. Some policies do not cover your use of your vehicle for travel to a meeting for business. Some insurance policies don’t even cover you for your daily commute.

6. Leave your keys in the car

Are you one of those people who put the keys in the ignition of their car at least once a week? Even if the car is not supervised for a few minutes it will still be protected. If you must go back indoors because you forgot something, take the keys to your car.

7. Car sharing

Your insurance company will not think it is a sign you operate a taxi service when you let your friends make use of your vehicle as a business vehicle. If you start making any money at all out of car sharing, you could be invalidating your motor insurance.

8. Disregarding road signs

Road signs warning you about closed roads or areas not suitable for motor vehicles must be avoided. Even when the road appears to be secure, your insurance may not protect you in the event that you cause an accident.

9. Beginning a new job

Be careful if you get an increase at work or change your job. Certain professions be at different levels of risk and, therefore, what your job title indicates could affect your insurance premiums. The insurance company must be informed when you’re switching jobs. They might not be able to pay you when you need them to.

10. It is not necessary to disclose the driving history of a named driver

You must disclose any past incidents if you include a named driver as a driver to your car insurance policy. The insurance company could deny you coverage if you fail to divulge the previous circumstances of the named driver.

These elements can cause your Car Insurance policy for your vehicle to be invalidated

  • “I’m not sure of some of the details I have to give, does it matter whether it’s 100% accurate?”
  • It’s important. Intentionally misrepresenting the information on your insurance policy could result in your policy being canceled or, even invalid.
  • If you receive a quotation without knowing the final details that’s fine but ensure that all the information is absolutely correct prior to setting up and purchase your insurance policy.
  • “I have stated that my car would be at my mom’s in the evening, however it’s always outside my home. Do you think that’s okay?”
  • Insurance won’t be affected if you visit relatives or friends in another postcode during the night. If you put your car in a certain location and leave it there, your insurance will be affected.
  • Consider where you’ll park the car the majority of the time, and adhere to it.

Can I use a broker to help me?

Elephant quotes can only be obtained directly from us or via comparison websites. If a broker says they have a quote from us , then leave immediately. We do not work with brokers. If you let them set this policy up it could result in us rescinding the policy. Your policy could be filled with errors if you offer them an estimate.

My friend can drive my car?

Unless your friend is an authorized driver under your insurance, they should not be driving your vehicle. Even if they’re covered by the extension to drive other cars as part of their policy in the event that they get into an accident , we’ll be liable to the third party not for any damage to your car.

What if my Car Insurance needs repair?

You must immediately take the proper care of your car when you think it’s in need of repairs or maintenance. If you drive a vehicle that isn’t roadworthy, and you get involved in an accident, it could cause your claim to be denied.

Also, it is important to take your driving in a careful way Be aware of speed limits and never be reckless on the roads.

Do I need to let you know when something happens?

You must notify us of any changes to your policy schedule to allow us to correct your information. This could mean changing your vehicle’s class or increasing the annual mileage.

If I’m involved in an accident, but the damage isn’t major, do I need to tell you about it?

Even if the accident is minor, you must inform us. The policy booklets of Elephant state that the policy holder is responsible if he or any other driver listed on the policy, becomes injured in an accident or suffers a loss however small or even if you do not wish to submit a claim we must be informed immediately.

I’m not sure what number of miles I drive. Would that be a problem?

  • You’ll need to provide an average annual mileage to get your quote so make sure you figure out how far you travel each week beforehand.
  • Falsely declaring a low mileage could lead to an increased premium, affect the ability to claim, or even cause your insurance to be invalidated.

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